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Dr Sanjeev Nayak - Saving Lives of Stroke Patients

Dr. Nayak is a Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist at University Hospitals of North Midlands, who introduced and pioneered Mechanical Thrombectomy for stroke patients in the UK. After obtaining Neuroradiology fellowship from the Neurosciences Centre at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, he did a post-fellowship training in mechanical thrombectomy in Austria. He brought back the skills he acquired in Europe and helped set up the Mechanical Thrombectomy service in Staffordshire that has become one...

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Cherian George

Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom

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Bio Consultant Radiologist since 2009. Passionate about the NHS and trying to improve it by promoting dignity at work, equality, inclusivity, diversity, compassionate leadership with integrity, by ensuring ethical and moral values. Interested in patient safety, clinical governance, and staff well being, using emotional intelligence.

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