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Permjeet Dhoot – Contributing towards improving health inequalities for the most vulnerable in our society

I am nominating Permjeet Dhoot for this Award, as I believe that Permjeet is an amazing leader, who for over 20 years has worked across the NHS and local government to improve how public health works to engage effectively with the diverse communities it services. Permjeet is an amazing champion for race equality in mental health care and areas such as working to ensure the voice of those groups facing the starkest of health inequalities in our society are heard, represented and...

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Ranjit Senghera

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Apr 13, 2018

Bio NHS England Lead for Equality and Health Inequalities . I have worked in the NHS for over 18 years, working on key programmes of work around equality, inclusion, diversity and race inequality on healthcare. Worked previous across local authority, NGS provider trusts and key strategic roles in the community and voluntary sector. Passionate about co-production and ensuring the voice of most vulnerable in our society in heard, involved and valued. as carer for elderly parents and a person with lived experiences of on-going mental health problems, where the value of a compassionate organisation and leadership, helped me manage my illness and supports me to deliver to the best of my delivery. passionate about inspiring people to make a difference in the NHS and values inspiring , coaching and mentoring people to be the best they can.

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