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Tenacious, targeted, tired, and triumphant.

Assistant director of nursing – and the most senior nurse from a BME background in our Trust – Nichole McIntosh has had to climb mountains in order to progress her research journey. The igniting fire for Nichole’s doctoral research was sparked by a patient survey workshop many years ago, when she learned that in a sample of 1250 patients and with reminders, only a small response is considered normal. The single point that stands out for her from the workshop was a comment that...

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The megaphone protecting the unborn and newborn

North Mid’s named midwife for safeguarding Chantel Palmer is the megaphone making sure the voice of the unborn or newborn is consistently heard amid the cacophony of competing calls. Our Trust serves an area of London that thrives with both diversity and a high birth rate. Our area also faces numerous challenges associated with deprivation and some very vulnerable populations, including substance misuse, trafficking, exploitation and FGM. Working in a small safeguarding team that...

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