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Georgina Williams

United Kingdom

Joined this community on May 4, 2018

Bio I am a Mental Health Social Worker currently working within the context of a Recovery College, as a Recovery Coach. In the role of Coach, I am responsible for co-creating and co-facilitating a range of non-accredited courses, that support individuals and groups to achieve the change they hope to see in their lives. I am particularly inspired and driven by utilising education as a means of creating social change, to encourage shifts in attitudes, culture and self awareness. The courses I produce and deliver take a particular focus upon rebuilding confidence, developing assertiveness and reframing identity. In addition, I act as Safeguarding lead for the Recovery College. This means that I manage any risk issues with regards to learner safety. This includes the delivery of a Safeguarding Awareness Workshop, held for volunteers and the general public. As a result of my experience to date, accompanied with my passion for proactivity and development work, I identified a gap within the College and devised a Fitness to Study Policy, as a means of honouring equality and supporting safety for all.

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