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Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion

Wakefield, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Apr 26, 2018

Bio Hello my name is Laura, career wise I've worked in care/nursing on and off for the past 18 years (2 years vas voluntary 16-18). The areas varying from older people's services, vulnerable children, end of life care, vulnerable adults amongst other areas. I currently work in forensic mental health nursing on an all male inpatient ward and have been doing this for over 12 years and I'm absolutely loving it. In addition to this I do innovation and development work including leading in different areas such as staff wellbeing for low secure mental health service, I'm a Care Certificate assessor and work with some awesome people in leading in carers involvement, physical health, least restrictive practive. Alsorts really, love the diversity or challenges and passionate about doing what I can in different areas to improve the service and care provided. Inbetween the years working in nursing I worked in bars (primarily to fund the voluntary work that I did at the time - learnt many transferrable skills from the bars believe it or not), in a call centre and a clothes shop, all that were unrewarding as my passion has always been in nursing, that's where my heart is. I love to help others, whether it's patients, friends, family, colleagues etc, love to see people progress and be the best they can be, love a good steak and potato pie and love a bit of opera too, especially Andrea Boccelli, amazing singer. I'll leave it at this for now or it will turn into an autobiography : )

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