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Yvonne Coghill OBE - Unquestionably the most senior influencer on Race equality in the NHS in recent times

During her 40 years in the NHS Yvonne has made a positive and powerful impact in the many roles she has held. Since 2010 she has been an exemplary high profile role model recognised by her peers and others as a leading figure nationally and internationally in the area of race equality.

Since 2015, as the Director of Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES), she has become synonymous with the word WRES as an exemplar. Yvonne is the embodiment of the excellence that can be achieved through embracing diversity in the NHS in this country. She acts with integrity, energy, a huge degree of passion, drive and emotional dedication that is unmatched in the area of race equality.

Yvonne in 2013 brought together a group of radical thinkers to create the WRES. Her ability to bring disparate groups of people together to work on a common theme is extraordinary. She has made WRES the most successful and innovative race equality programme ever to have been delivered in the NHS.

What is unique about Yvonne is her ability to bring both BME and white people of all levels, to her way of thinking and has gained committed and demonstrable support from people of all levels in the NHS and beyond. She has gained the respect and support of many in the health sector; Lord Crisp, the previous permanent Secretary and CEO of the NHS, Sir Keith Pearson, Chair, HEE and Lord Prior, previous chair of the CQC.

Yvonne's background in nursing means her thought of and care for patients from all backgrounds is woven through everything she does, her narrative is clear, a valued, engaged, motivated workforce makes for patient safety, patient satisfaction and a higher quality of care.

Indisputably the success of WRES is mainly due to Yvonne’s energy, passion, commitment, relentless and tireless engagement.

Internationally Yvonne has been recognised for her expertise and talent in the work she has done on race equality, she has worked with leading academics and institutions, such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore and the Institute of Healthcare Improvement in the US. She has collaborated and published with colleagues from the US, Australia and U.K. and presented the work at the Institute of  healthcare Improvement at their National forum in Orlando having been invited in 2010 to develop their equality and diversity strategy and action plan. in 2014 she co-chaired the conference and her work at the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) New Orleans.

Yvonne's vision, innovation, continued, sustained commitment, dedication for race equality, a complex and very sensitive issue is instrumental in creating the current momentum to improve race equality; she is unquestionably the most senior influencer on this subject in the NHS in recent times. 

Baljit Kaur

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Briggetta Baker Apr 30, 2018

Absolutely amazing and phenomenal Woman, Leader, Motivator and trail blazer who has changed my view and perception on Leadership. I absolutely agree that she is the embodiment of the excellence that can be achieved through embracing diversity. Remarkable Lady!


Pen Mendonca Apr 30, 2018

Vote for Yvonne!


Samantha Quaye May 3, 2018

A very personable leader who takes the time to engage with everyone. It is an understatement to say that implementing WRES nationally is a difficult job, but she has been instrumental in raising awareness and bringing people to the table to discuss this agenda...ultimately improve patient care.

She has achieved so much already and will continue to make a difference.


Ali Khan May 5, 2018

A great inspiration role model...


Jeanette Williams May 5, 2018

A role model and inspirational Leader


(Account removed) May 18, 2018

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