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Dr Manju Luckson; Equality & Diversity - BME women in Research

There are not many senior managers from Asian backgrounds, certainly in Research & Innovation, so Manju very much stands out as an exemplar from a BME back ground, she is a role model for many nurses through her hard work and perseverance. Manju, was the first Indian research nurse at Central Manchester Foundation Trust (now Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) and was the first Indian nurse to complete Masters from Manchester University in Nursing and is currently in a senior role. Manju’s attainment of her PhD is an example of setting herself as role model for many young working women from any background.


Manju Luckson, has made the Indian community very proud throughout her career and is currently working as Assistant Research Delivery Manager for Division 1 with Clinical Research Network Greater Manchester. Her previous roles were Quality Lead, National Institute for Health Research, at Central Manchester Hospitals and prior to that was as a Divisional Research Manager. She is also the honorary staff of the Manchester University. She has done her doctoral research under the guidance of Prof. Carol Haigh and Dr. Fiona Duncan from Manchester Metropolitan University and she has recently been recognised by MMU with a senior lecturer role teaching new nurses.
Manju has managed to connect the diverse workforce in R&I through the diverse aspects of her own person, such as her ethnicity, faith, good humour, determination and professionalism. She had excellent commitment to develop an inclusive workplace for fellow employees – where fairness, respect, equality, dignity, and autonomy are at the forefront of their values and promoted as part of their everyday goals and behaviour. Manju has a number of equality advocates working in the division with her to actively drive the  agenda for E&D in R&I. Manju ensured that ED is a standard agenda item for discussion at every team, department and divisional level. Manju attends the  Trust level ED activities representing the R&I. Manju coordinated the evidence data collection for the ED dashboard, the first time in the R&I division.

Finally, Manju has also focused her work around the ED agenda for patients in particular the participation of ethnic minorities in research due to language or other cultural issues; usually a barrier in recruiting patients into research. Manju has been working with the staff on implementing Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) recruitment strategies for research. On 28 Oct 2016 Manju presented a poster about R&I's attempts to increase research participation from BME communities at the Chief Nursing Officer's BME Strategic Advisory Group Annual Conference in London.













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