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Manisha Kumar, GP

On behalf of Val Bayliss-Brideaux

Manisha Kumar is a passionate clinical leader an advocate for the health of Manchester’s population.

Manisha trained as a doctor in Manchester, qualifying in 1995, becoming a GP in 2001 and joining the Robert Darbishire practice in Rusholme in 2004.


She still practises there one day a week – “if I didn’t I would have no credibility” – and enjoys seeing her regular patients.


It was her experience there that persuaded Manisha to get involved in commissioning in 2007.


Manisha’s role as Clinical Director for NHS Manchester CGG split into three key areas of work quality, leadership, and projects and innovations such as the development of primary care clinical standards and engaging with the city’s locum workforce to provide them better access to education and information – which in turn provides patients with better care.


Another of Manisha’s flagship innovations has been leading the city’s Vulnerable Migrants Programme to ensure that new entrants get the help and support they need including universal registration. Manisha’s commitment has given this important piece of work the profile and time it requires from practices across the city.


The unifying theme from Manish’s varied workload is clinical leadership.  Manisha is passionate about patient outcomes and great at keeping her team and our organisation focused – she will always ask the question “How will this make things better for patients?”


Manisha’s role on quality covers the NHS statutory role for a clinical commissioning group to oversee the quality of primary and secondary care, ensuring serious incidents are investigated and lessons learned and that areas of performance that give cause for concern are followed up. Her leadership across the city has helped  reduce unwarranted variation in primary care quality, ensuring consistent standards in primary care, supporting the city wide respiratory agenda and working with colleagues to aim towards consistent high quality care across all providers.


Manisha doesn’t shy away from the big challenges our city faces. Her development plan for people with respiratory conditions has been a great test for how the whole health and care system works together, including public health roles such as stop smoking services, work to identify conditions early, self-management for those who live with a respiratory diagnosis and the support needed towards the end of life.


Manisha is a passionate advocate for clinically lead and commissioned services which is why she has appointed 33 clinical leads – who are all practising clinicians and their role is to give a realistic, expert, opinion of what will work to improve the health outcomes of Manchester’s people.


Manisha has always been very clear about her vision to recruit a clinical leadership team for the city who are visible, reliable, skilled and influential to ensure that Manchester’s services receive the best possible clinical leadership. Manisha is a supportive leader of this team of experts ensuring that their time and knowledge gets put to the best use.

NHS England WRES team

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Kamlesh kumar May 11, 2018

She is an asset to the society . She is willing to learn unlearn and relearn .
Very composed . A born leader . Believes in joint decisions .And happy to give informed


Pratap v Kumar May 11, 2018

She likes humanism .Every life is valuable .Sensitive to human welfare .
Willing to listen and understand . She has divine ability to define priorities.
Highly recommended


Carrie Hale May 11, 2018

Manisha is a powerhouse and an inspiration to her colleagues. I am sure that those whose lives she has impacted would agree.


Nigel Miers May 11, 2018

She is just a fantastic, loyal individual


Ian Williamson May 11, 2018

Manisha is a great leader, and an inspiration, go Manisha!


Chris Catlin May 11, 2018

Manisha is an inspiration!


Liz Oldfield-Beechey May 11, 2018

Manisha is an outstanding Clinical Leader. Her combination of values-based authenticity, alongside practical solution-focused outcomes is an exceptional balance and contribution.


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