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Samuel Jamera - Ryburn ward manager , South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS FT

Sam is very well known throughout the trust as “happy Sam” because of the optimism and positivity he brings to the job. Senior managers say that he is the most highly dedicated and motivated individual we have ever seen.


With a year of becoming ward manager he has inspired everyone with his smile, personality and ambition. He brings out the best in patients and staff, displaying strong clinical and professional leadership.


Sam has brought about change and the ward is striving towards excellence. Being a forensic in-patient setting, Ryburn can sometimes be a challenging place to work. Sam, however, has transformed the atmosphere, starting new initiatives, promoting

aftercare and discharge packages, increasing staff motivation and much more. This has made a big difference to patients, carers, families, their communities and colleagues.


Sam is an asset, not only to his ward in forensics, but to the trust as a whole. He is a visible leader who brings with him a positive and vibrant attitude that makes people feel good.

edited on Apr 27, 2018 by Lauren Summers

Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion May 1, 2018

I have had the pleasure of working along side Sam for many years now and he never ceases to inspire me and others around him. He is always happy and encouraging of others to be the best they can be. He never tires of putting all of his energies in supporting people in their endeavours, whether this be professionally or through recovery. Sam is humble in all that he does, never seeking praise even though this is absolutely deserved and should be recognised. His positivity and ability to build momentum and motivate others has an effective and positive impact on the care that is provided and received.

Salma Yasmeen May 2, 2018

Sam is a rising star who is well knwon across the SWYPFT family. He has led innovations and improvements in care. He generates warmth and a positive energy and is a poaitive role model for staff across the trust.

Rob Webster May 4, 2018

A great example that leadership happens at all levels in SWYPFT

Kate Henry May 8, 2018

Good luck Sam - one of SWYPFT's staff excellence award winners

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