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Evelyn Beckley – Patients’ affairs officer, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS FT

Evelyn is an inspirational member of staff. Over her 25 years’ service she has continuously gone beyond the call of duty to make a positive difference to service users. Evelyn is not a clinician but works closely with some of our most vulnerable mental health in-patients, improving their lives. She is well known and much loved by service users and all at the Trust.


Evelyn is a member of the finance team who often do not get as much recognition as front line services but work hard behind the scenes to make a difference to patient care.


Evelyn has developed a compassionate and responsive service, working tirelessly to respond to changing needs.


When she started, her role was to operate a bank and administer allowances given to in-patients by the hospital. When the law changed so that in-patients were eligible to be paid benefits, Evelyn adapted the service so that patients could easily access their own money. She also took it upon herself to learn about the benefits system so that she could help servicer users.


Evelyn not only administrates benefits for in-patients, she helps them with their claims, sorts out any difficulties and helps them pay bills. Evelyn looks after patients’ personal property while they’re staying at the hospital and if a patient dies will organise a funeral if there is no next of kin.


To increase financial inclusion in our medium-secure forensic setting, Evelyn opened a second bank at The Yorkshire Centre for Forensic Psychiatry. This means that patients can access their money more easily. It has also improved safety as staff no longer need to bring patients across the site to the bank.


Starting with a very basic banking service paying allowances, Evelyn has transformed it into one that looks after range of service users’ financial needs. This empowers service users to get used to budgeting and managing their own benefits. This means that they can cope better when they are well enough to return home. This also benefits carers and families.


The wider finance team has been recognised for its good work and the Trust was recently the first organisation in Yorkshire and Humber to be awarded Level 1 FutureFocusedFinance Accreditation by the NHS Finance Leadership Council.

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John Rushby May 1, 2018

I have known Evelyn since I started working at Newton Lodge 4 years ago. Throughout this time I have been impressed with her commitment to her part of the service and her compassion towards service users. She is an invaluable member of the Fieldhead/Newton Lodge family who deserves wider recognition!


Salma Yasmeen May 2, 2018

Becky is a committed member of the SWYPFT family. She does her day job with warmth, humour, and engages people from every level of the organisation. She recently led a team challenge raising significant funda for our trust charity EyUp!.


Rob Webster May 4, 2018

Evelyn is passionate, professional and a real force of nature. She gets things done and always with a smile.


Kate Henry May 8, 2018

Good luck Evelyn! A fantastic representative of SWYPFT


(Account removed) May 18, 2018

This idea has been advanced to the current phase


Mubashshir Fazlee May 18, 2018

Go Evelyn!