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Pioneering cardiology nurse consultant, Ghazala Yasin

Ghazala Yasin, cardiology nurse consultant and nurse angiographer

Pioneering cardiology nurse consultant, Ghazala Yasin, is one of only a few nurse angiographers in the UK. She was selected from contenders from around the world to be a finalist in a prestigious international award by the European Society for Cardiology for her work in building the foundations for herself and other nurses to become nurse angiographers.

Ghazala Yasin joined the cardiac catheter laboratory team at Wycombe hospital in 2005 and was rapidly promoted to become the lead catheter laboratory nurse in 2009, assisting amongst other things, in thousands of angiograms. It was while studying for her Master’s Degree in advanced nursing practice in 2013 that she was inspired to explore nurse specialist roles and how these could be expanded to practical procedures - normally the preserve of doctors - with an emphasis on nurse-led coronary angiography.

She conducted a study to demonstrate how nurse-led angiography compared to angiography led by doctors in training, in terms of safety, efficacy and quality, to identify the barriers to setting up a nurse-led service, to develop a governance system and to estimate the benefits to patients and value to the Trust.

Under the supervision of lead cardiologists Dr Clifford and Dr Firoozan, Ghazala began a training programme similar to that of cardiology registrars.  Ghazala completed her initial training and is now performing angiograms at the hospital.

By being able to perform angiograms herself, as well as implanting all Implantable Loop Recorders for NHS patients, Ghazala has freed up consultants to spend more time on advanced procedures. Now Ghazala is teaching training doctors to perform angiograms. With Ghazala performing procedures and the introduction of a new Cath Lab in November 2017, this has resulted in improvements across the Trust’s waiting lists which had been running to 8-12 weeks have been significantly reduced to around 1 week. The team have also seen a reduction in cancelations.

Ghazala has also been involved in changing the cardioversion pathway to be nurse-led through the cath-lab. This new service frees up other nurse-specialists to admit and treat patients in the Cardiac Stroke Receiving Unit.

Ghazala has used her experience to inspire other nurses to consider a specialist role in angiography. Through her study and her own experience, she has developed a set of competencies which now provide a blueprint for future nurse angiographers.  She is leading a nurse angiography study day in October to share her achievements with other aspiring nurses to learn angiography.  The study day will include simulators to teach nurses how to perform angiograms.

Ghazala is passionate about sharing her learning and submitted her study for publication in March 2018. Ghazala has presented at the local university as she was selected as an inspirational nurse, to demonstrate her path to becoming a Nurse Consultant. She is now awaiting an honorary contract from the university to start teaching post-graduate courses. In June 2018 Ghazala will be presenting at a nurse consultant study day, promoting advanced nursing.


Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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