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The megaphone protecting the unborn and newborn

North Mid’s named midwife for safeguarding Chantel Palmer is the megaphone making sure the voice of the unborn or newborn is consistently heard amid the cacophony of competing calls.

Our Trust serves an area of London that thrives with both diversity and a high birth rate. Our area also faces numerous challenges associated with deprivation and some very vulnerable populations, including substance misuse, trafficking, exploitation and FGM.

Working in a small safeguarding team that consistently punches above its weight, Chantel inspires and involves colleagues inside and outside the Trust to ensure vulnerable mothers get the care and support they need so their pregnancy, birth and babies’ start in life is as safe as possible.

She has played a significant role in developing our Drug and Alcohol Clinic for vulnerable women, and our Vulnerable Women’s Clinic which is in direct response to needs identified within our local communities. She is also a key player in developing the Iris Clinic, our specialist service providing care and support for women who are experiencing problems as a result of female genital cutting.

While she is dedicated to collaborative working, and works continually to engage staff from all levels and partner organisations in complex safeguarding issues, Chantel is unafraid of challenging others where necessary, in order to ensure her ultimate priority – the baby at the heart of the situation – is always first and centre. In doing so, and by maintaining the utmost professionalism, she has acquired the utmost respect of other agencies, as well as significantly raised the profile of safeguarding in the north London area.

In addition to her safeguarding responsibilities, Chantel is a midwife and highly respected member of our maternity senior management team. Her work ethic is peerless; she is knowledgeable, determined, tenacious and dependable, providing a strong role model for junior staff and colleagues. Since joining North Mid in 2008, she has continually demonstrated that she is committed not only to her work but to continual development, always reflecting on her practice and seeking new ways to improve.


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Paul Wastell Apr 28, 2018

Chantel, thank you for being an NHS champion for the most vulnerable in our society, and for doing it with such dedication and care. You make us very proud at North Middlesex University Hospital!

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Adele Durge May 2, 2018

Thank you Chantel for your tireless work, professionalism and dedication to safeguarding the Mothers and Babies of North Mid.

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Mahbooba May 5, 2018

Thank You Chantel for your valuable efforts to safegaurding mothers and babies at Norh Middlesex University Hospital.

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Achim Schwenk May 5, 2018

Whenever I have a question about children safeguarding, I can rely on Chantel to know an answer. You are a great role model for our Trust's values and behaviours

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Kay Francis May 8, 2018

Well done Chantel. Working with you to safeguard the lives of babies and their mothers is always fulfilling, no matter the challenges they present. Thank you for your skills and expertise. You're a gem.

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Samantha Ashmead May 8, 2018

Wishing you all the best, we are rooting for you...

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HGrant May 9, 2018

Chantel you are an amazing midwife, so hard working and a pleasure to work with

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(Account removed) May 18, 2018

This idea has been advanced to the current phase

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