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Laura Habib - health care assistant, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS FT

Laura is an exceptional member of staff who goes above and beyond her job role. The level of positivity and enthusiasm that she brings to her role is observable in everything she does. She will always continually look to provide support for those who may need it.


Laura represents the future of our NHS. She embodies the trust values and represents a culture of nursing that provides genuine care and compassion to everyone involved in our service.


Laura is a faultless role model. She is engaged in assessing apprentices, she has promoted an understanding of the Care Certificate and regularly attends

the Assessment Centres. Laura has worked closely with the dietician and has set up healthy eating groups to address dietetic needs.


Her most significant contribution is to set up a group to address supervision across the Forensic BDU. Laura created a Supervision Passport that allows all forms of supervision (formal and informal) to be captured. All staff have a passport and this is signed after receiving any form of supervision. As a result of this initiative the statistics have significantly improved.


Laura has independently audited this and has presented the findings to a range of professionals. This passport system has been acknowledged by the director of the trust. Laura has played an active role in all the meetings reviewing progress of the action plan and helped adapt some resources received for the launch of the supervision passport in the service.


She has worked really hard. Her enthusiasm and commitment permeate all her practice and she is a fantastic role model to her colleagues. Alongside

this, she is a very genuine character and works hard to ensure that the service user is at the centre of all she does.


Laura is very reliable; if she takes on a responsibility for a task, she will always deliver and exceed expectations. As a result of this Laura has successfully achieved a blue score in the previous two appraisals.

edited on Apr 27, 2018 by Lauren Summers

Stephen Simpson May 1, 2018

A dedicated and excellent member of staff

Salma Yasmeen May 2, 2018

Laura is a true values based leader. Committed and passionate

Salma Yasmeen May 2, 2018

Laura brings passion and energy as an innovation and improvement champion. Constantly improving care and experience of service users. She has an exemplary ‘can do’ attitude. She has made asignificant diffrence to shaping the recovery person centred approaches in her clinical area. Exemplifies the best of what is great about the NHS. Very proud of you and to have you in the SWYPFT NHS family.

Rob Webster May 3, 2018

Laura is a dedicated and caring member of staff who goes the extra mile for her friends, colleagues, service users and the Trust. From promoting innovation to volunteering at the recruitment days for bank staff during her time off, she is a genuine asset.

Samuel Jamera May 3, 2018

A hardworking member of staff who is a joy to work with. She is part of Team Momentum helping in the quality and innovation initiatives in the Forensic BDU. Go all the Way Team Momentum!!!

Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion May 4, 2018

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for your thoughtful and kinds words, I feel so humbled by this. I'm so thankful to be working alongside people that genuinely care and work so hard to provide the best in what they/you do and support others to do the same. Proud to be a part of the NHS Family and proud that you 'bring yourself to work' as so many of us do. It's who we are and it's in our hearts.

Kate Henry May 8, 2018

Good luck Laura - well deserved nomination