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Inspirational Dr Sinha

Dr Sinha is always curious about how to improve services and patient care, making sure that his behaviour reflects the principles and values of NHS.

He always tries to understand the underlying emotions that might affect his team, care for team members as individual, helping them focusing their energy on delivering a great service that results in care for patients. He always manages to convey a vivid and attractive picture of what everyone is working towards in a clear, consistent and honest way.

The biggest achievement of Dr Sinha is creating a team which works together toward the same targets. He promotes teamwork and a feeling of pride by valuing individuals' contributions and ideas, this creates an atmosphere of staff engagement where desirable behaviour, such as mutual respect, compassionate care and attention to detail.

He clarifies his expectations and what success looks like in order to focus people’s energy, give them the freedom to self-manage within the demands of their job, and deliver improving standards of care and service delivery.

Working with Dr Sinha is always a pleasure, while having his support the difficult tasks become less troubling than they initially were, and every working day easier.


Magda Marcowska

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Conor Kenny May 4, 2018

Great leader - Fully deserved!!


felicia Bengin May 6, 2018

leads from the front and by example.
Extraordinary work ethos.


(Account removed) May 18, 2018

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