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Beresford Dawkins -a man passionate about partnership between communities and mental health Services


I nominate Beresford Dawkins, Community Development Lead at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. He has an infectious “can do” approach and involves a diverse range of people in everything he does. He is committed to co-production and ensures that people with lived experience of mental ill health and their families and carers are involved alongside staff and community members in work to tackle health inequalities and destigmatise mental illness. He led the work on 300 Voices- a partnership project with Time to Change to address the historic and continuing poor experiences and outcomes which young African Caribbean men still encounter in their contact with mental health services. The project engaged over 100 Black men in dialogue with over 600 staff from our trust and WM Police using an appreciative inquiry approach. This was awarded the Chairs award for outstanding practice at the Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG Equality Awards in 2015.


The work spanning three years was based on the power of stories as a means to promote the exchange of experiences, develop mutual understanding and empathy between service users and professionals and facilitate personal, organisational and systemic change.


Beresford has worked tirelessly with a range of organisations to enhance recovery, opportunity and hope for people with mental health issues in the community-the engagement days are another example of his excellent work for which he was  awarded the Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG equality award in 2017 A broad range of stakeholders including staff, service users, cares, local businesses, community organisations, musicians, artists, police, fire service are involved in the planning and delivery of events. This collaboration facilitated by Beresford is a positive example of making mental health everyone’s business by changing public perceptions and attitudes to mental ill health.


Beresford believes passionately that positive relationships are crucial in supporting recovery He consistently develops partnerships and programmes in local communities which create opportunities for users to establish links that can support them in their daily plans towards recovery.  




He has introduced new activities in inpatient areas which are delivered by local community members and artists these include aerobic exercise, dancing, singing, African drumming and drama. For many community members/artists this was their first experience of visiting a mental health unit and engaging with patients with acute mental illness.


Service users have engaged with activities across cultures which they wouldn’t normally be exposed to such as bhangra, Irish pipe players, and to meet and engage with their neighbours in the immediate vicinity of our hospitals


We have seen an increase in people wanting to volunteer in services, engagement with more community groups benefitting our service users,  staff volunteering their time to plan and deliver the events, and the development of new partnerships e.g. with colleges, churches and arts organisations


Beresford deserves recognition for demonstrating the contribution that the public can make in promoting recovery from mental illness, encouraging communities to proactively engage with mental health services and consistently being a great ambassador for our Trust and the NHS


lakhvir rellon

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Brendan Hayes May 1, 2018

Ah what a star, always focused on improving experiences for others, well deserved nomination

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John Short May 1, 2018

Beresford - you are a real star at our Trust - well done

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Akilah May 2, 2018

Congratulations Beresford - a very well deserved nomination for your continuous and tireless work that has a real positive impact for so many people!

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Mike Pugh May 3, 2018

One of the nicest guys you could wish to meet!

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Neil De-Costa May 4, 2018

A true professional, role model and advocate for disadvantaged citizens of Birmingham!

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Richard Prescod May 4, 2018

Well deserved nomination. good luck.


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Tracie Adkins May 8, 2018

Well Done Beresford, best of luck :)

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Tamar Jeynes May 8, 2018

Go Beresford!!!

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Carmen Dawkins May 8, 2018

Well done Beresford! The Dawkins family are very proud of you -RESPECT!

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Pauline Meddings May 9, 2018

Beresford works tirelessly to improve experience for patients and service users and really deserves this award

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Nadia Akhtar May 11, 2018

Congratulations. Best of luck.

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Paul Patterson May 11, 2018

No Better Man - a very well-deserved nomination! Congrats Beresford

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Sandra Griffiths May 11, 2018

You a creative and inspirational force that makes things happen. Good Luck!

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(Account removed) May 18, 2018

This idea has been advanced to the current phase

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Joyce Jul 2, 2018

Well done Beresford - every word is true !

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Joyce Jul 2, 2018

Well done Beresford- well deserved. Every endorsement is true. !

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