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This category is for the workers without whom, the NHS would not function. Under normal circumstances, they may not be recognised and are rarely noticed as they go about their work. Individuals in this category might be catering staff, cleaners, drivers, porters, receptionists or one of the thousands of volunteers who give up their time for free. They truly make a difference.

  • Nominations should be no longer than 500 words
  • Include the name and email address of the nominee
  • You can nominate people from 1948 - 2018
  • Why are you nominating this person?
  • Questions to help your submission:
    Evidence of their accomplishments?
    – E.g. detail the achievements, breakthroughs and other improvements they might have made.
    What was the improvement? – Detail how this improvement was sustained and or developed further, shared with others locally, regionally or nationally.
    Who has benefitted? – detail how patients, communities and or colleagues have benefitted through the nominees actions. Particularly highlighting the positive impact made, Include particular groups where applicable, and to what extent.
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A tireless champion of inclusivity and opportunity

Judith’s parents came to the UK in 1960, skilled workers who had to settle for manual work. Their experience of discrimination influenced Judith in wanting to bring about change and equality. Overhearing “I wouldn’t work with those nutters” at a nursing fair, she resolved to eliminate stigma for marginalised people. She joined the NHS in 1986, qualifying as a nurse in 1990. Judith specialised in mental health, latterly with South West London and St George’s. There, she led in...

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Stanly Thomas, Data Manager and dedicated Trust diversity champion

Stanly started working at  Cambridge University Hospitals in September 2005 when he moved from India to join his wife who was already working as a nurse here since 2004 (recruited from India). His first job was as an Administrator for the Clinical Research Unit. Now he is a dedicated Data Manager in the trust's research and development team working with a small team of researchers at Addenbrooke’s who are keen to find a permanent cure for Cancer. He is a fantastic role model for all staff...

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Johney Joseph, dedicated Postal Courier helping to handle millions of letters at CUH

Johney Joseph has worked since  2005 at Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) when he moved to UK from India with his family. He has given dedicated service as a  postal courier always upholding the Trust values and behaviours. He is cheerful and well liked by everyone who works with him and is proud to be part of the small team that handles millions of pieces of letters for CUH. He has spent time being an active member of the trust’s staff networks to promote race equality at CUH and helped...

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Eddie K leads the way for Black History Month

Eddie has worked as a Security Officer on the Whittington Hospital site for 20 years.  But as well as keeping our staff and patients safe, Eddie has made an amazing contribution to organising celebrations at the hospital to recognise the involvement and influence of people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. Every October since 2007, Eddie has put on a show  - ‘Black History Month with Eddie K’ – at the hospital for staff to celebrate Black History Month.  He first came up with the...

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