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NHS lifetime achievement – Sponsored by NHS England


We are looking to celebrate the work of someone still working or retired, who has dedicated much of their working life to the NHS. It may be or may have been as a medical or non-medical profession and deserves a public recognition. They may have cared for you or your family, or you may work or have worked with and they have made a profound impact on you. Please tell us about them so we can honour their contribution.


  • Nominations should be no longer than 500 words
  • Include the name of the nominee
  • You can nominate people from 1948 - 2018
  • Why are you nominating this person?
  • Questions to help your submission:
    Evidence of their accomplishments?
    – E.g. detail the achievements, breakthroughs and other improvements they might have made.
    What was the improvement? – Detail how this improvement was sustained and or developed further, shared with others locally, regionally or nationally.
    Who has benefitted? – detail how patients, communities and or colleagues have benefitted through the nominees actions. Particularly highlighting the positive impact made, Include particular groups where applicable, and to what extent.
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During her 40 years in the NHS Yvonne has made a positive and powerful impact in the many roles she has held. Since 2010 she has been an exemplary high profile role model recognised by her peers and others as a leading figure nationally and internationally in the area of race equality. Since 2015, as the Director of Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES), she has become synonymous with the word WRES as an exemplar. Yvonne is the embodiment of the excellence that can be achieved through...

Baljit Kaur
by Baljit Kaur
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Baljit Kaur
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Comfort recently retired from the NHS after more than 40 years of service. Her final role was as a sister on the maternity triage and antenatal short stay ward, a very busy and challenging area, demanding swift assessment and action to ensure the safety of mothers. But she wasn't just known on her own unit, she was famous across the wards for her huge smile and infectious laugh and over the course of her lifetime of service often cared for several generations of the same family.  Comfort...

Whittington Health
by Whittington Health
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Whittington Health
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Professsor Bim Bhowmick recently retired from the NHS after nearly 50 years of service. Surviving the Noahkali Genocide in 1946, as a young boy he fled to India as a refugee. Penniless and starving, he struggled with education but through sheer determination he succeeded against adversity, fulfilling his dying father’s wish that he became a doctor. He joined the NHS in 1969 and specialized in Care of the Elderly in rural North Wales.   He has worked tirelessly to improve patient care and...

Binita Kane
by Binita Kane
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Binita Kane

Dr Chinekwu (Chi) Davies Consultant Anaesthetist Director   Channel Day Surgery Centre William Harvey Hospital, Ashford Kent. Length of service in NHS (since 1985) over 32 years. Has been a consultant anaesthetist for over 24 years   Education: Somerville College, Oxford – University of Oxford St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School – University of London After obtaining a fellowship in anaesthesia Chi completed a Master’s in Business in...

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