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Clinical Excellence Award for Allied Health Professionals - Sponsored by Care Quality Commission


Drs and nurses are often considered to be the ones at the forefront of healthcare , however allied health professionals that work in the system have a big role to play in ensuring patients receive high quality care. Our AHPs include, Chiropodists, Physios, and radiographers to name but a few. In this category we ask you to nominate someone that works tirelessly in one of these professions to support and provide positive outcomes for patients.

  • Nominations should be no longer than 500 words
  • Include the name of the nominee
  • You can nominate people from 1948 - 2018
  • Why are you nominating this person?
  • Questions to help your submission:
    Evidence of their accomplishments? – E.g. detail the achievements, breakthroughs and other improvements they might have made.
    What was the improvement? – Detail how this improvement was sustained and or developed further, shared with others locally, regionally or nationally.
    Who has benefitted? – detail how patients, communities and or colleagues have benefitted through the nominees actions. Particularly highlighting the positive impact made, Include particular groups where applicable, and to what extent.
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Types of food eaten can vary between ethnic groups and therefore the information provided in dietary resources should reflect the cuisines consumed by patients. High potassium is a life threatening condition for those with kidney failure as it can cause the heart to suddenly stop. Potassium is commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Given the types of fruits and vegetables can vary greatly between the various ethnic groups, it is important that the information is tailored to allow those...

Deepa Kariyawasam
by Deepa Kariyawasam
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Deepa Kariyawasam
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I am delighted to nominate Kashmira for the Clinical Excellence Award.   Having gained her Physiotherapy qualification in India, Kashmira arrived in the UK in 2003 and immediately started voluntary work with the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Additionally she worked as a Dentist’s assistant and later as an office administrator before securing a job as a Neuro Physiotherapist, working 6 days a week to enable her to continue her voluntary work.       While visiting...

Abrar Hussain
by Abrar Hussain
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Abrar Hussain
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Denise has made a significant contribution through her advancement of occupational therapy practice – including cross organisational working, and her excellence in leadership at one of the biggest NHS Trusts in the country. Denise has been Head of Occupational Therapy Services since 1991; she has led and developed occupational therapy services through an incalculable number of organisational and policy changes. In her own organisation Denise has been a key driver in the implementation...

Jessica Mudd
by Jessica Mudd
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Jessica Mudd
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Saiqa Naz is a mental health practitioner in Sheffield IAPT. She has worked above and beyond her job role to make mental health services responsive to South Asian community needs and worked with that community (in her free time) through events at places of worship and community centres to reduce stigma around mental health and help community members understand how NHS services can help them. She has appeared on community radio shows to promote good mental health and run workshops in mosques....

Andrew Beck
by Andrew Beck
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Andrew Beck