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Leadership is not just about seniority or rank. Leaders can be inspiring. They set examples to show how things should be done. They challenge us and they make us want to follow them. Exceptional leaders, never settle for “all right” they strive for better. They listen to and empathise with their colleagues and patients who are centre of all they do. We would like to hear inspirational stories of outstanding leadership.

  • Nominations should be no longer than 500 words
  • Include the name of the nominee
  • You can nominate people from 1948 - 2018
  • Why are you nominating this person?
  • Questions to help your submission:
    Evidence of their accomplishments? – E.g. detail the achievements, breakthroughs and other improvements they might have made.
    What was the improvement? – Detail how this improvement was sustained and or developed further, shared with others locally, regionally or nationally.
    Who has benefitted? – detail how patients, communities and or colleagues have benefitted through the nominees actions. Particularly highlighting the positive impact made, Include particular groups where applicable, and to what extent.


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On behalf of  Val Bayliss-Brideaux Manisha Kumar is a passionate clinical leader an advocate for the health of Manchester’s population. Manisha trained as a doctor in Manchester, qualifying in 1995, becoming a GP in 2001 and joining the Robert Darbishire practice in Rusholme in 2004.   She still practises there one day a week – “if I didn’t I would have no credibility” – and enjoys seeing her regular patients.   It was her experience there that persuaded Manisha...

NHS England WRES team
by NHS England WRES team (Admin)
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NHS England WRES team
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Dr Jag Ahluwalia moved with his family from India to the UK as a young child.    Throughout his life and career he has consistently demonstrated personal qualities and attributes which have been and continue to be a significant asset to the UK generally and to the NHS and healthcare specifically.  He is wholly committed to the wider NHS and to the pursuit of excellence.  He has very strong people skills, in particular in listening, diplomacy and negotiation.  He is demonstrably fair and...

Monica Jacot
by Monica Jacot
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Monica Jacot
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Doreen Black is currently the Matron for Oncology and Haematology in the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT). She is determined, loyal and conscientious who continually strives to improve patient care through developing staff and services. She excels at taking on challenges in departments and making subsequent improvements through inspiring the team to embrace change. She has continuously developed and nurtured the staff she has managed with many of them going onto senior roles in the...

Maria Tan
by Maria Tan
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Maria Tan
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I'm pleased to nominate Shahana Ramsden Head of Diversity and Inclusion for NHS England. Shahana has demonstrated what compassionate leadership really means and has been persistent in her drive to improve equality and diversity in the NHS. Shahana has demonstrated a genuine commitment to improving equalities over many decades. She is the sort of leader who whatever role she is in, finds the time to personally support BME staff and patients as a mentor and coach. I am aware of...

Keymn Whervin
by Keymn Whervin
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Keymn Whervin